The Bloody Hands of the Law 1973

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The Bloody Hands of the Law 1973 movie downloading linkThe Bloody Hands of the Law 1973 Online Watch Movie.
La mano spietata della legge: In the midst of a series of syndicate killings, law enforcement struggles due to new restrictions on violence during interrogations. Frustrated, the commissioner reinstates a once-violent cop's brutal methods, which prove to be the key to cracking the case and bringing the syndicate to justice.
Released: 1973.
Runtime: 95 min.
Genres: Crime, Thriller.
Countries: Italy.
Language: English.
AKA: La mano spietata della legge, Kategorischer Imperativ gegen ein Verbrechen im Zorn, La fureur d’un flic, Sin conciencia, Ta matomena heria tou nomou.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Starring: Philippe Leroy, Antonio Monselesan, Silvia Monti.

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