Jungle Warriors 1984

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Jungle Warriors: A team of models ventures into the South American jungle in search of a unique photo shoot location, but their plane is downed, leading to their capture by a drug lord's private militia. Simultaneously, the Mafia's envoy arrives to discuss potential collaborations, setting the stage for a volatile and suspenseful encounter.
Released: 1984.
Runtime: 96 min.
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama.
Countries: Mexico.
Language: English.
AKA: Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle, Cehennem Melekleri, Jungel krigerne, Jungle Fever, La guerra de la coca, Los guerreros de la jungla, Viidakkosoturit, The Czar of Brazil.
Movie Info: IMDb.
Starring: Nina van Pallandt, Paul L. Smith and John Vernon.

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