Cyber Vengeance 1995

Cyber Vengeance 1995 Watch Online
Cyber Vengeance 1995 Movie Watch Online
Released: October 13, 1997.
Runtime: 1h 30min.
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller.
Countries: USA.
Language: English.
Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Nexxus.
Actors: Debbie Rochon, Amy Lynn Baxter, Rick Washburn, Michael Rodrick, Robert Jimenez, Eli Kabillio, John Weiner, J. Christian Ingvordsen, Susan Misner, Susan Rollman, Terry Serpico, Josh Mosby, J. Gregory Smith, Matthias Hues, Robert Davi.
Description: The year is 2005. The prison system is run by the private sector. Business tycoon R.D. Crowley, has created a virtual reality prison. The prisoner's bodies are locked in suspended animation...
Cyber Vengeance 1995 Movie Watch Online .