Chopstix 1979

Chopstix 1979 Watch Online
Chopstix 1979 Movie Watch Online
Released: 1979.
Runtime: 1h 20min.
Genres: Comedy.
Countries: USA.
Language: English.
Director: Maria Lease.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Chop Stix.
Actors: Serena, Jill Morrison, Lindi Mickey, Shriley Rhea, Trudy West, Serena, Elizabeth Arnold, June Aiter, Marion Ray, Barbara Cloud, Anita Lee, Dorothy Young, Jane Geney, Anna Moore, Samantha Morgan, Carol Savage, Mandy Ashley, Heather White, Dori Kay, June Stock, Barbara Harris, Candy Wong, Harry Freeman, Robert McKay, Tom Chandler, Bill Todd, Don Miller, Jon Kernic, Cal Mason, Ray Marlin.
Description: To keep from being cheated out of her inheritance, a young woman opens up a catering company with extra-special customer service.
Chopstix 1979 Movie Watch Online .