Toy Soldiers 1984

Toy Soldiers 1984 Watch Online
Toy Soldiers 1984 Movie Watch Online
Released: November 01, 1984.
Runtime: 1h 25min.
Genres: Action, Drama.
Countries: USA.
Language: English.
Director: David Fisher.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Young Soldiers.
Actors: Martin LaSalle, James Andronica, Tracy Scoggins, Alejandro Arroyo, Larry Poindexter, Jay Baker, Tim Robbins, Mary Beth Evans, Jim Greenleaf, Willard E. Pugh, Douglas Warhit, Terri Garber, Rodolfo de Anda, Cleavon Little, Jason Miller.
Description: While on a vacation in Central America, some American teenagers are kidnapped by terrorists. A rescue mission is sent after them, but they manage to escape and join up with a mercenary fighting the terrorists.
Toy Soldiers 1984 Movie Watch Online .