Boca 1994

Boca 1994 Watch Online
Boca 1994 Movie Watch Online
Released: May 16, 1995.
Runtime: 1h 31min.
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Countries: USA.
Language: English.
Director: Walter Avancini, Zalman King.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: No Calor do Rio.
Actors: Márcia Couto, Betty Gofman, Maria Padilha, Luma de Oliveira, Anselmo Vasconcelos, Ruth de Souza, Nelson Xavier, Patrick de Oliveira, Denise Milfont, José Lewgoy, Carlos Eduardo Dolabella, Martin Sheen, Tarcísio Meira, Martin Kemp, Rae Dawn Chong.
Description: Enthusiastic American journalist goes to Brazil as the Carnival starts to investigate mass executions of street kids. She meets a savage crime boss called Boca who seemingly wants to help the children and falls under his brutal charm.
Boca 1994 Movie Watch Online .