Gargoyle 2004

Gargoyle 2004 Watch Online

Gargoyle 2004 Movie Watch Online
Released: October 26, 2004.
Runtime: 1h 27min.
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror.
Countries: Canada.
Language: English.
Director: Jim Wynorski.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Wings of Darkness.
Actors: Lewis Cojocar, Cristi Groza, Claudiu Trandafir, Bogdan Uritescu, Mihai Bisericanu, Jason Rohrer, Arthur Roberts, Rene Rivera, Petri Roega, William Langlois, Tim Abell, Kate Orsini, Fintan McKeown, Sandra Hess, Michael Paré.
Description: Two CIA agents are sent to Bucharest, Romania to solve a high profile kidnapping. But what they discover is something inexplicable. An evil gargoyle, once thought dead and banished forever, has returned with a vengeance.
Gargoyle 2004 Movie Watch Online