Miss Lady Professor 2006

Miss Lady Professor 2006 Watch Online
Miss Lady Professor 2006 Movie Watch Online
Released: 2006
Runtime: 1h 12min
Genres: Drama
Countries: Japan
Director: Norihiro Takeuchi
Also known as: Miss Lady Professor
Actors: Akari Hoshino.
Description: Reiko Mizukami (Akari Hoshino) has finally become the teacher she always dreamed to be. She finds herself always sleepy for unknown reasons, day or night. When she falls asleep in her class, this starts a series of dreams full of erotica to the point where she's unable to discern her dreams and the reality. She has been trapped in an obscene world...


  1. 水上玲子(星野あかり)がついに夢の先生になった。 彼女は昼も夜も未知の理由でいつも眠くなっていることに気づきます。 彼女がクラスで眠りに落ちるとき、これは彼女が彼女の夢と現実を区別することができないところまで、エロティカでいっぱいの一連の夢を開始します。 彼女は卑猥な世界に閉じ込められています...