Lust, Caution (2007)

Lust, Caution 2007 Watch Online
Lust, Caution 2007 Movie Watch Online
Released: October 26, 2007.
Runtime: 2h 37min.
Genres: Drama, History, Romance.
Countries: USA, China, Taiwan.
Language: English.
Director: Ang Lee.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Se, jie.
Actors: Jie Liu, Hui-Ling Wang, Ruhui Song, Saifei He, Yan Su, Kar Lok Chin, Johnson Yuen, Lawrence Ko, Ying-Hsuan Kao, Zhi-Ying Zhu, Tsung-Hua To, Leehom Wang, Joan Chen, Wei Tang, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung.

Description: Frustrated in his attempts to assassinate Yee, who is an important official in Japanese-ruled Shanghai, Old Wu, who has lost his wife and two sons as well as two women who had attempted to seduce Yee, now recruits Kuang, Mai Tai Tai, and their troupe of drama students from Hong Kong University in yet another attempt to do away with Yee.
Lust, Caution 2007 Movie Watch Online