Crazy Animal (2007)

Crazy Animal 2007 Watch Online
Crazy Animal 2007 Movie Watch Online
Released: March 31, 2009.
Runtime: 1h 33min.
Genres: Musical.
Countries: USA.
Language: English
Director: John Birmingham.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Crazy Animal.
Actors: Gershon Moreno, Meghann Scully, Brooke Barnes, Halley Eveland, Jessel, Brinke Stevens, Bryan Kimmel, Maria Zyrianova, Lene Pedersen, Atom Gorelick, Anthony Mongiello, Steven McCloskey II, Danica DeCosto, Anise Fuller, John Birmingham.

Description: The movie does a good job and putting all of these small sub-plots together all with one big plot surrounding it, which is basically that people are living like crazy animals in the wild. It's a very good social commentary that you want to listen to.

Crazy Animal 2007 Movie Watch Online