Question of Luck (1996)

Question of Luck 1996 Watch Online
Question of Luck 1996 Movie Online,
Released: 1996,
Runtime: 1h 32min,
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Countries: Spain,
Director: Rafael Moleón,
Also known as: Cuestión de suerte, Question of Luck.
Actors: Anna Galiena, Eduardo Noriega, Isidoro Fernández, Angel Alkain, Mikel Laskurain, Daniel Trepiana, Paco Hernando, Maiken Beitia, Paco Sagarzazu, Ana Miranda, Mikel Garmendia, Ion Gabella, Simón Andreu, Leyre Berrocal, Marta Belaustegui.

Description: Having lost his process at the fish manufacturing unit, julio (eduardo noriega) now at the dole wishes a few cash urgently to set up a brand new project along with Things appearance quite grim till julio all of sudden discovers a bag of beautiful jewelry in a car parked in timber just off the toll road. The driver is already useless at the wheel. A mild push after liberating the brakes and the automobile hurtles down into the sea. The plan now's to lie low for awhile and then turn the jewels into a whole lot-wanted cash. What i like a lot approximately this drama is that no time is wasted.

Unfortunately for julio his simple plan smacks of newbie inexperience. Renting a room at 11 pm at marie's (regionally called the french woman) right now creates suspicion approximately his motives. Julio is very uneasy with marie's probing questions and well may he be. He fast realises that she is becoming aware about his intentions. This is a very exciting part of the story in which every tries to find out how an awful lot the opposite is aware of. Marie is in reality the winner on this contest due to the fact she has the strength of seduction on her aspect. Julio melts at the sight of this older and skilled female. Finally the fanatics turn out to be companions inside the proposed disposal of the jewels through ricardo. Julio starts to locate himself in deep water.

Mounting fear of being found out drives him to determined movement. The french girl cunningly manipulates julio to execute her own plans. Notwithstanding his guilt we've got a sure empathy for younger julio, however no longer so for ricardo who drives a tough good deal. Is over performed and a number of the final sequences with marie rolling around the floor turn into utter melodrama.