Starship Eros (1980)

Starship Eros 1980 Movie Watch Online
Starship Eros 1980 Movie Watch Online
Released: 1980.
Runtime: 1h 7min
Genres: Sci-Fi.
Countries: USA
Language: English
Director: Scott McHaley.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Starship Eros.
Actors: Lily Rodgers, Becky Savage, Beth Evans, Mike Ranger, Angela Emerson, Linda Russell.

Description: Stalwart stud electro-acoustic transducer Ranger adds some much-needed marquee price because the swain she leaves behind because the universe beckons. Her second in command, Lt. Christine Moon, is represented by second string actress Becky Savage United Nations agency had unforgettable bit elements in Joe Sherman's PLATO'S, THE picture show as associate unknowingly incestuous mater and Ann Perry's spy spoof UNDERCOVERS, taking part in the catalyst deep-rooted with the device all the opposite characters square measure when. Presence of aforesaid golem assures that girl/girl action remains restricted to the daily counseled dose. That lucky bastard's apparently Bob Evans whose solely further credit is for Roger Colmont's cult caper WHITE hearth wherever he participated in orgy action. the remainder may be a little bit of a blur.