Amanda by Night (1981)

Amanda by Night 1981 Movie Watch Online
Amanda by Night 1981 Movie Watch Online
Released: 1981.
Runtime: 1h 35min
Genres: Crime, Drama.
Countries: USA
Language: English
Director: Gary Graver.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Amanda, Perigo Sexual, Amanda by Night.
Actors: Veronica Hart, John Alderman, Robert Kerman, Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Lisa De Leeuw, Lee Carroll, Brooke West, Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards, Pat Manning, Jon Martin, Nicole Black, Herschel Savage.

Description: A killer is stalking quality prostitute Amanda Heather. 2 of her co-workers square measure dead once visiting a shopper and Detective Father Hart is brought in. He feels that the cases square measure joined which Amanda is additionally in peril. However, Amanda has no use for police and can not get together with him. Finally his charms get her to comply with work along to urge the manslayer, sadly, once Amanda finally confronts the wrongdoer, the detective has been delayed. therefore Amanda should traumatize the manslayer herself.