Stripteaser (1995)

Stripteaser 1995 Movie Watch Online
Stripteaser 1995 Movie Watch Online
Released: July 11, 1995.
Runtime: 1h 14min
Genres: Comedy, Thriller.
Countries: USA
Language: English
Director: Dan Golden.
Movie Info: IMDb
Also known as: Stripteaser.
Actors: Maria Ford, Rick Dean, Lance August, Nikki Fritz, R.A. Mihailoff, George Russo, J.R. Kuykendall, George Tovar, Patric Zimmerman, M.C. McCurdy, Ann-Marie Holman, Richard Hertz, Candi Villalobos.

Description: As Zipper's Clown Palace (a strip bar) closes, Neil wanders in and decides to hold the dancers, bartender, and remaining customers hostage. He torments them with little tasks he wants performed, playing on their weaknesses and relying on his gun for intimidation. Eventually the hostages begin formulating plans to thwart his control. Meanwhile, two policemen are observing the outside of the strip joint, realizing that something's wrong and trying to decide if it's worth ruining their buzz to intervene.


  1. This film has a few good things going for it and a few bad things as well. First, Maria Ford (as "Christina Loren") was fantastic. Her acting was solid, her dance routines were top-notch and she was very sexy.