Preacherman (1971) Albert T. Viola

Preacherman 1971 Albert T. Viola Watch Online
Preacherman 1971 Albert T. Viola Movie Watch Online
Released: 1971
Runtime: 1h 27min
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Countries: USA
Language: English
Director: Albert T. Viola
Also known as: Kaznodzieja.
Actors: Albert T. Viola, Ilene Kristen, Adam Hesse, Marian Brown, Esty F. Davis Jr., W. Henry Smith, Bill Simpson, Garland Atkins, Colleen McGee, Jim Broadway, Shiela Gibson, J.G. Patterson Jr., Lew Phillips, Bill Sawyer, Roland Pope.

Description: Phony backwoods preacher Amos T. Huxley stays in a small North Carolina town long enough to fleece his congregation, swindle the profits from a moonshine still, and seduce dumb blonde Mary ...