The Hood Has Eyez (2007)

The Hood Has Eyez 2007 Watch Online
The Hood Has Eyez 2007 Movie Watch Online
Released: July 31, 2007
Runtime: 1h 10min
Genres: Horror
Countries: USA
Language: English
Director: Terrence Williams
Also known as: La moglie siciliana
Actors: Cyd Schulte, Carlos Javier Castillo, Tom Curitore, Jesselynn Desmond, Jamielyn Lippman, Antonio Royuela, Anne Stinnett, Terrence Williams.

Description: Kimmy is a shy teenager who is desperately trying to fit in with the "it" crowd. She is convinced to attend a ditch party with her preppy "friends." On their way to the party the preppy teens accidentally hit a woman.