Swap Meet at the Love Shack (1973)

Swap Meet at the Love Shack 1973 Watch Online
Swap Meet at the Love Shack 1973 Movie Watch Online
Released: August 31, 1973
Runtime: 1h 37min
Genres: Comedy
Countries: West Germany
Language: German
Director: Hubert Frank
Also known as: Liebesmarkt, Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers, Swap Meat at the Love Market, Matratzen-Horchdienst.
Actors: Monica Marc, Michael Maien, Ingrid Steeger, Britt Corvin, Kurt Meinicke, Josef Moosholzer, Carmen J├Ąckel, Wolfgang Scherer, Karin Glier, Wolfgang Fischer, Gaby Borck, Wolfgang Reinhard, Claudia Fielers, Marita Vogelsang, Doris Delaas.

Description: There's no plot to get in the way of the bondage action, as four lovely ladies are securely tied and muzzled in a variety of positions.

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