Swap Meet at the Love Shack (1973)

Swap Meet at the Love Shack 1973 Watch Online
Swap Meet at the Love Shack 1973 Movie Watch Online
Released: August 31, 1973
Runtime: 1h 37min
Genres: Comedy
Countries: West Germany
Language: German
Director: Hubert Frank
Also known as: Liebesmarkt, Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers, Swap Meat at the Love Market, Matratzen-Horchdienst.
Actors: Monica Marc, Michael Maien, Ingrid Steeger, Britt Corvin, Kurt Meinicke, Josef Moosholzer, Carmen Jäckel, Wolfgang Scherer, Karin Glier, Wolfgang Fischer, Gaby Borck, Wolfgang Reinhard, Claudia Fielers, Marita Vogelsang, Doris Delaas.

Description: There's no plot to get in the way of the bondage action, as four lovely ladies are securely tied and muzzled in a variety of positions.