American Translation (2011)

American Translation 2011 Watch Online
American Translation 2011 Movie Watch Online
Released: June 8, 2011
Runtime: 1h 49min
Genres: Drama
Countries: France
Language: French
Director: Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr
Also known as: Fome de Você
Actors: Lizzie Brocheré, Pierre Perrier, Karl E. Landler, Djédjé Apali, Jean-Marc Barr, Benjamin Bollen, Esteban Carvajal-Alegria, Laurent Delbecque, Frederic Eng-Li, Ionita Radu Georgescu, Yamin Gougmar, Arthur Harel, Pierre-Yves Kiebbe, Manon Klein, Arnaud Koller.

Description: A sexually ambiguous Frenchman tours his native countryside with his naive American lover in pursuit of the ultimate thrill. From the moment they meet, brooding Chris and the beautiful ...