The Secret Dreams of Mona Q (1977)

The Secret Dreams of Mona Q 1977 Watch Online
The Secret Dreams of Mona Q 1977 Movie Watch Online
Released: November 1977
Runtime: 1h 12min
Genres: Comedy
Countries: USA
Director: Charles Kaufman
Also known as: Secret Dreams of Mona Q.
Actors: Monique Cardin, Wade Nichols, Tom Baker, Ushi Inger, Swen Kringel, Inga Bjorg, Bobby Astyr, Michael Shea, Helga Unster, Eva Haarlan, Jenny Baxter, John Black, Victoria Corsaut, Wanda

Description: Troma is known for its steady stream of low-grade films over 4 decades in business, helping to foster the ridiculous "so bad it's good" movement favored by some ill-informed film buffs. But the company's roots are in filmography, of which SECRET DREAMS OF MONA Q is an above-average specimen.