The Phantom Empire (1988)

The Phantom Empire 1988 Watch Online
The Phantom Empire 1988 Movie Watch Online
Released: November 2004.
Runtime: 1h 23min
Genres: Horror.
Countries: USA
Director: Fred Olen Ray.
Also known as: Los Dreggs, Trash Treasures Vol. 1 - Phantom Empire.
Actors: Ross Hagen, Jeffrey Combs, Dawn Wildsmith, Robert Quarry, Suzy Stokey, Russ Tamblyn, Sybil Danning, Michelle Bauer, Michael Sonye, Robby the Robot, Victoria Alexander.
Description: When a man-eating cave creature appears with a fortune in uncut diamonds around his neck, Dr. Chambers' daughter Denae hires adventurers C & C Salvage to find the underground source of the..

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