Sex Files: Sexecutioner 1998

Sex Files: Sexecutioner 1998 Watch Online
Sex Files: Sexecutioner 1998 Movie Watch Online
Released: 1998
Runtime: 1h 28min
Genres: Drama
Countries: USA
Director: J.T. Finch
Also known as: Sex Files: Mr. X, The Sex Files - File 3: Mister X, El verdugo, Algoz Sexual, Monsieur X
Actors: Jennifer Thomas, Loryn Miller, Bob Cain, Bryan Kent, Skip Dumas, Chris Johnston, Kenneth McCabe, Blake Pickett, Jamaica Charley, Marj Fish, C.C. Costigan, David Wilson
Description: A female executioner fulfills the fantasies of all the men on death row before they get sent into the next world. But when she encounters a prisoner with whom she has a long history, her ...