Bubbles Galore 1996

Bubbles Galore 1996 Watch Online
Bubbles Galore 1996 Movie Watch Online
Released: February 03, 1999.
Runtime: 1h 34min.
Genres: Comedy.
Countries: USA.
Director: Cynthia Roberts.
Also known as: NA.
Actors: Sigrid Johnson, Wendy White, Scott Sprague, Nina Hartley, Tracy Wright, Daniel MacIvor, Shawna Sexton, Annie Sprinkle, Andrew Scorer, Sky Gilbert, Peter Lynch, Ed Fielding, Hillar Liitoja, Raven, Brittanee Bond..
Description: That is a film that must be visible to be believed. No longer handiest is it instead specific at instances, but the performing is terrible, the tale is almost incoherent, and the movie is pretty an awful lot a mess. But despite all of those large flaws, i almost appreciated this film. I imply, it is so awful, that it's miles incredibly fun, in a bizarre sort of manner. If no longer for the very well unappealing scenes with annie sprinkle, i might have even given this bomb a passing grade, as bizarre as it is able to sound. This is certainly no longer a movie for the majority, and it's going to in all likelihood offend almost all of us, but if you want seeing terrible films, or if you want plenty of female flesh, then possibly this could be really worth a while.