Naked Massacre (1976)

Watch Naked Massacre 1976 OnlineNaked Massacre 1976 Movie Watch Online
Released: 1984
Runtime: 1h 32min
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Countries: USA
Director: Denis Héroux
Also known as: Die Hinrichtung, Born for Hell, Né pour l'enfer, ...E la notte si tinse di sangue
Actors: Mathieu Carrière, Debra Berger, Christine Boisson, Myriam Boyer, Leonora Fani, Ely Galleani, Carole Laure, Eva Mattes, Andrée Pelletier, Ehmi Bessel, Karl-Heinz Kreienbaum, Paul Edwin Roth, Illa Hedergott, Gerda Gmelin, Christian Duc.
Description: Loosely based on the notorious Richard Speck murders, this is the grim tale of a disturbed Vietnam vet returning home via Belfast, who invades a house shared by eight nurses and proceeds to terrorize and murder them.