Illicit Dreams (1994)

Watch Illicit Dreams 1994 OnlineIllicit Dreams 1994 Movie Watch Online
Released: April 04, 1995
Runtime: 1h 33min
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Countries: USA
Director: Andrew Stevens
Also known as: Innocent Dreams, Entre Quatro Paredes, Illicit Dreams - verbotene Liebe, Rêves interdits, Apagorevmena oneira, Zakazane sny
Actors: Andrew Stevens, Shannon Tweed, Joe Cortese, Michelle Johnson, Brad Blaisdell, Stella Stevens, Rochelle Swanson, Dave Carlton, Jennifer Bassey, Bryan Godwin, Carrie Dobro, Elizabeth Sandifer, Roger Toussaint, Errol P. Coughian, Debbie Lynn Waters.
Description: Moira is married to an abusive husband, who is having an affair with his secretary. On top of it she is troubled by recurrent dreams of running into a mysterious man waiting for her, and they always end up making love. Moira visits an astrologer to interpret her dreams, and is always brought a shy close to her dream lover, but never realizing it. Meanwhile, the man - whose name is Richard - has been having similar dreams.