Summer Night Fever 1978

Watch Summer Night Fever (1978) OnlineSummer Night Fever 1978 Movie Watch Online
Released: August 31, 1978.
Runtime: 1h 39min.
Genres: Comedy.
Countries: West Germany.
Director: Sigi Rothemund.
Actors: Gianni Garkoa, Jacques Herlin, Stéphane Hillel, Olivia Pascal, Claus Obalski, Betty Vergès, Edwige Pierre, Bea Fiedler, Claudine Bird, Del Negro.

Description: "summer time night fever" is a west german film from 1978, so this one may have its fortieth anniversary soon. The director is sigi rothemund and in case you know a chunk about german films, you realize what this indicates. The possibility with him is that it's far not going that this is a first-class movie and this one isn't any exception for rothemund. It runs for a hundred minutes almost and dragged from start to complete. The actors are pretty vulnerable and no person from the forged sticks out in any way. However the worst is really the script. It's absolutely uninteresting. It basically looks like a documentary, as if we're looking random travelers on ibiza for over 1.5 hours and nothing of interest occurs, just every day lifestyles. This will be fine if it felt true in besides, however clearly it#s embarrassing how they may be seeking to make this movie truly applicable in phrases of Nineteen Seventies culture and society. The title is of direction related intently to the first-rate successful american movie "saturday night fever" from twelve months earlier. This connection is also proof of how this movie right here lacks man or woman creativity from start to finish. There is not a unmarried purpose to check this one out, no longer the actors, not the direction and genuinely now not the comedy or the script. Stay a long way a ways away.