Playgirls of Munich 1977

Watch Playgirls of Munich (1977) OnlinePlaygirls of Munich 1977 Movie Watch Online
Released: December, 1977.
Runtime: 1h 12min.
Genres: Comedy.
Countries: USA.
Director: Navred Reef.
Actors: Roger Cainea, Zebedy Colta, Helmut Kraus, Ginny Noack, Sigrun Theil, Sylvia Reynard, Gisela Schwartz, Brigida Danziger, Greta Sperling, Martha Zeller, Anita Koch, Marlena Speer, Erica von Furstenberg, Kristin Holz, Liselotte Gruber.

Description: Zebedy colt and roger caine play two blended-up american cellphone repairmen who stow away on a plane and end up parachuting out over munich, germany all through the olympics. Broke and horny, the guys join up with a lovely young fraulein who gets them a process - but no longer earlier than introducing them to intercourse, german style! It is one riotous mishap after some other because the bumbling buffoons pass from activity to process - and lady to female - in an try and make sufficient coins to get again to the states. But with all of the blazing bratwurst and warm wenches those guys have on their palms, who'd need to go again? Actually shot on place in munich, that is a slap-happy sexvid so that it will keep you in stitches - even as it drives you wild.