Hotel Inferno (2013)

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Hotel Inferno 2013 Watch Online
Hotel Inferno 2013 Movie Watch Online
Released: December 16,2013
Runtime: 1h 20min
Genres: Action, Horror
Countries: USA
Director: Giulio De Santi.
Also known as: NA.
Actors: Rayner Bourton, Michael Howe, Jessica Carroll, Christian Riva, Wilmar Zimosa, Santiago Ortaez, Monica Muñoz, Riccardo Valentini, Mauro Migliorini, Bonini Mino, Pierluigi Nitas, Enrique Sorres, Giulio De Santi, Carlos F., Alessia Knox.
Description: A cold-blooded seasoned contract killer is hired to take out a couple hidden in a hotel, but he will soon need to fight not only for his life but also for his soul, as this seemingly easy task will turn the hunter into prey. .

Watch Hotel Inferno 2013 Online
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