Zwei Kumpel in Tirol 1978

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Zwei Kumpel in Tirol 1978 Watch Online
Zwei Kumpel in Tirol 1978 Movie Watch Online
Released: 1978
Runtime: 1h 19min
Genres: Comedy
Countries: West Germany
Director: Alois Brummer
Also known as: 2 mafkezen in Tirol
Actors: Ingrid Steeger, Rinaldo Talamonti, Leopold Gmeinwieser, Inge Moritz, Ruth Witt, Wolfgang Fischer, Karin Glier, Johannes Buzalski, Kurt Großkurth, Karin Götz.
Description: Willy and Jonny drive the time to make the ladies' world happy in the village of Bumskirchen. Local men have little understanding of these activities, so they are forced to take a break..

Watch Zwei Kumpel in Tirol 1978 Online
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