Baixio das Bestas (Bog of Beasts) 2007

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Baixio das Bestas (Bog of Beasts) 2007 Watch Online
Baixio das Bestas (Bog of Beasts) 2007 Movie Watch Online
Released: May 11, 2007
Runtime: 1h 20min
Genres: Drama
Countries: Brazil
Director: Cláudio Assis
Also known as: Le marais des bêtes, El pantano de las bestias, Sumpf der Bestien, Gniazdo bestii.
Actors: Fernando Teixeira, Caio Blat, Matheus Nachtergaele, Dira Paes, Marcelia Cartaxo, Hermila Guedes, Conceição Camaroti, João Ferreira, Irandhir Santos, Magdale Alves, China, Samuel Vieira, Zezita Matos, Jones Melo, Mano Fialho
Description: A man falls in love with a teenage girl, who is exploited by her own grandfather, who sometimes takes her to a gas station to show her naked to whomever pays him some money.

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