Deathstalker II 1987

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Deathstalker II 1987 Watch Online
Deathstalker II 1987 Movie Watch Online
Released: November 11, 1987
Runtime: 1h 25min
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Countries: USA
Director: Jim Wynorski
Also known as: Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans.
Actors: John Terlesky, Monique Gabrielle, John Lazar, Toni Naples, Maria Socas, Marcos Woinsky, Dee Booher, Jacques Arndt, Carina DaviJim Wynorski, Douglas Mortimer, .
Description: Deathstalker helps Reena the Seer out of a few jams, and she solicits his help for a bigger task. She reveals that she is actually Princess Evie, but the evil sorcerer had her abducted and cloned in order to seize control of the kingdom...
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