Hell Squad 1986

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Hell Squad 1986 Watch Online
Hell Squad 1986 Movie Watch Online
Released: January 01, 1986
Runtime: 1h 27min
Genres: Action
Countries: USA
Director: Kenneth Hartford
Also known as: Commando Girls
Actors: Bainbridge Scott, Glen Hartford, Tina Lederman, Maureen Kelly, Penny Prior, Lisa Nottingham, Kathy Jinnett, Loren Chamberlain, Kimberly Baucum, Madeline Parquette, Marvin Miller, Walter Cox, Jace Damon, William Bryant, Frank Romano...
Description: A diplomat's son is kidnapped by terrorists blackmailing the US government for plans of a new type of nuclear weapon. A friend of the diplomat puts together a squad of showgirls to rescue the son.

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