Domino 1988

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Domino 1988 Watch Online
Domino 1988 Movie Watch Online
Released: November 02, 1988
Runtime: 1h 37min
Genres: Drama
Countries: Italy
Director: Ivana Massetti
Also known as: Domino sucht die Liebe
Actors: Brigitte Nielsen, Tomas Arana, Kim Rossi Stuart, St├ęphane Ferrara, Cosimo Fusco, Pascal Druant, Cyrus Elias, Geretta Geretta, Yves Jouffroy, Lucien Bruchon, Antonella Tinazzo, David Warbeck, Daniela Azzone, Sheila Constantini Folli, Joy Garrison..
Description: A girl in the video industry travels with a jeweled turtle and makes Billie Holliday videos. Though having relations with some of her friends, she is looking for love.....

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