The Savior AKA Le sauveur 1971

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The Savior AKA Le sauveur 1971 Watch Online
The Savior AKA Le sauveur 1971 Movie Watch Online
Released: September 01, 1971
Runtime: 1h 45min
Genres: Drama, War
Countries: France
Director: Michel Mardore
Also known as: Le sauveur, El Salvador, Savas ve kadin, The Saviour
Actors: Horst Buchholz, Muriel Catalá, Hélène Vallier, Roger Lumont, Henri Vilbert, Danièle Ajoret, Michel Delahaye, Jean-Pierre Sentier, Frédéric Norbert, Yves Hugues, Jacques Serres

Description: This is the Summer of 1943 and the place is rural France. The weather is fine and sunny and life is sweet. On one of these beautiful days, Nanette, a fourteen-year-old peasant girl, meets a slightly injured young man near the farm she lives on. Named Claude, he claims to be an English paratrooper, sent there to organize resistance to the Nazis.
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