Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979)

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Watch Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens 1979 OnlineBeneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens 1979 Movie Watch Online
Released: April, 1979
Runtime: 1h 10min
Genres: Comedy
Countries: USA
Director: Russ Meyer
Also known as: Ultra Vixen, Im tiefen Tal der Superhexen, Más allá del valle de las Utra-Vixens, Más allá del valle de las ultrazorras, Tutti gli uomini di Lola Langusta
Actors: Kitten Natividad, Ann Marie, Ken Kerr, June Mack, Patrick Wright, Henry Rowland, Robert E. Pearson, Michael Finn, Sharon Ceccatti, Don Scarborough, Aram Katcher, DeForest Covan, Steve Tracy, Uschi Digard, Stuart Lancaster.

Description: Believe it or not even in Smalltown USA there are still people who are unfulfilled and unrelieved in the midst of plenty. Levonna & Lamar could have the perfect relationship if it were not Lamar's obsession with rear entry. After submitting to the one last time Levonna comes up with a plan. While Lamar is trying find other tail to try his technique on, Levonna becomes Lola with aid of a wig and a Mexican accent.

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